Full Review of War Robots – Kill. All. Robots.

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You can never have enough robot-games. To be honest, the real problem is that there aren’t too many of them on the market. We have all sorts of MOBAs, brain-numbing time killers, slashers and so on.

The War Robots game is a lone gunman in the mobile gaming industry – it’s trying to preserve the sci-fi culture the best it can.

[Total: 5    Average: 3.4/5]

Visuals – 10/10

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To say I was blown away means to say nothing. I don’t know what kind of wizardry the developers applied when making this game, but the graphics are astonishing.

I want to address the pernickety haters, ranting about visual imperfections of the game. It’s a shooter designed for mobile devices for crying out loud! Do you realize that it’s something that the top PC games looked like 10-12 years ago? It would’ve been a sensation back then, and you’re lucky to live in our time.

The game offers you only a small number of locations – an urbanistic area, a dessert, a polar station etc. Nevertheless, they look realistic, and you can interact with the landscape. For example, a pile of old rusty oil drums can be used as a cover during a ruthless shoot-out.

As for the robots – they are modelled with finesse and impeccability. Their metal bodies can boast of beautiful detailing.

By that, I mean that your mech can be deactivated part by part – if your robot’s legs take some heavy enemy fire, it will start moving slower than a shell-shocked slug. If your weapons get injured – prepare for their malfunctioning. And the “jump” button will be deactivated once your jets get damaged.

All in all the graphics are excellent. Especially I loved the tracing bullet’s effect – it made my eyes teary for a sec. And the physics engine demonstrates an impressive performance. Although it has some glitches – you’ll see at one point a robot floating in the air.

The core of the War Robots – 9/10

The gameplay is similar to that of SW Battlefront. Either you kill all the robots, or capture the enemy’s checkpoints. The latter gives you extra gold, which you regularly can obtain for real money.

The game offers no tedious tutorials and throws you right in a battle. You start with a humble, little fellow named Destrier and your first objective is to level him up while earning silver, gold and science points. It is recommended to avoid buying heavy robots in the beginning and also to have Patton as a second mech.

You can have up to 13 robots at your disposal, but only 5 of them are available in combat. The robots are divided into 3 classes – light, middle and heavy, which affects their characteristics. A light mech is hard to detect, and it moves swiftly. And its heavier counterpart takes a lot of damage easily although it moves as fast as a retired tortoise.

A fly in the ointment in this game is the pay-to-win option. Players with fat pockets are notorious for buying premium weaponry which brings certain disbalance. But you still have a chance of defeating them – your own skills and a talent for strategy still play a major role in the game, luckily.

You can also form a clan (6 members in total) and participate in tournaments.

Controls – 9/10

Mechanics of the game are smooth. The only thing that troubled me was my right thumb tired of holding the fire button, which allows aiming. As for the rest, it’s cool.

The Sentence

War Robots is an outstanding game, almost a masterpiece. It has a brilliant future, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy ripping the adamant metal flesh of your foes.



10.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • The finest graphics and details;
  • Major online community;
  • Runs on Android and iOS.


  • Players with premium bots are irksome;
  • You can’t choose a location;
  • It has glitches.

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