About me

Hello! I’m Francesco, and I am a game maniac. I adore game playing and would gladly spend 24/7 at my computer. But you know, there is so much routine business that I have to do every day like going to the colleague, attending extra classes and nursing my little sister.

I am not as lost for society as you might think of me. I am one of the best students in my course. And I also have a more practical hobby than game playing. I am fond of 3D modeling, and I attended extra classes at the design school two days a week for the previous six months.

By the way, the passion for 3D modeling was caused by computer games. I have always been interested how do all these characters and landscapes appear from nowhere. So I started to learn the process of their emerging, and this is how I became a 3D artist.

Most of my free time (and usually it is night) I spent creating different 3D models. Mechanical modeling is more interesting for me than architectural. I think the latter is specific and narrowly focused. So I prefer to generate car models, characters, and some small details instead of projecting huge buildings, towers, bridges, and other architectural forms.

My 3D design tutor speaks well of my works. So I overcame my shyness and decided to share the results on the Internet. On this page, you can see my profile and comment my projects as well: https://www.behance.net/mondobilly61ea.

Please feel free to share your opinion; it is very important for me. My contacts: [email protected] or 442039364050.